First European Seminar on Velomobile Design

 on July 8th 1993 at the Technical University of Denmark


Proceedings of the First European Seminar on Velomobile Design, ISBN 87-984875-0-7,
135 pages, with drawings and b/w fotos.



Carl Georg Rasmussen

Introduction - a brief historical retrospect: about the history of velomobiles

Vytas Dovydénas

Velomobiles: The main characteristics of velomobiles

Peter Ernst

Opportunities between Michaulines and Limousines About today’s and tomorrow’s transportation systems and some vehicles for the future

Werner Stiffel

HPV - Verkehrsmittel der Zukunft. Practical vehicles and their charateristics

Andreas Fuchs

Towards the understanding of (dynamic) stability of velomobiles: The forces, their distributions and associated torques. Crosswind stability of faired vehicles

W. Rohmert and Stefan Gloger

The test-vehicle MULTILAB and its new front-wheel geometry. Less interference of heels and front wheel

W. Rohmert and Stefan Gloger

Passive security of HPV´s

Carl Georg Rasmussen

Fit for survival - in a velomobile. Velomobiles in mixed traffic and experiences during the first ten years with LEITRA

Søren Bendsen

Design for fun. How a professional designer looks at the design porcess of velomobiles

Thomas Senkel

Plea for a good tire. Measurements of rolling resistance of some common tires 

Andrej Detela

After a century of explosions. A new type of electric motor that could be used directly in hubs

Michael Kutter

VELOCITY - Elektrounterstützung für Velomobile. Mixing of electric and human power at any ratio