The velomobile for every day situations!

comfortable, maneuverable, durable and fast!

The Alleweder was constructed by Bart Verhees in 1993 and was built almost 500 times in Holland and Belgium. It is the most sold velomobile

The aluminium chassis is self-supporting, and the coefficient of drag is very good. Downhill, up to 99 km/h were realised, and 65 km/h were obtained on a flat road.

In urban and suburban traffic, the Alleweder is faster than each car, because one can overtake cars in a traffic jam (because the vehicle is only 80 cm wide).

All three wheels are suspended. The Alleweder has a low center of gravity and a good roadability.

As in a cabrio, one does not sweat even in sommer time. The entrance hole can be closed with canvas and a zipper. Only the head is outside the fairing! In 9 of 10 cases, it does not rain and this is a striking arguement for that kind of construction.

In strong rains, the rain fairing is attached and one gains the advantage of a cabin cycle. The sight to the road is free, because we do not use a front screen.

For people who often ride uphills, we can offer three kind of electric assist versions.

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