Velomobiles and transportation in trains

”But this is no bicycle” – this is a typical reaction of conductors when they see a velomobile in front of the
 bicycle compartment. Velomobiles are bicycles, and the transportation of tricycles and other constructions
 (recumbents, tandems etc.) is officially approved at least in Germany by the "Deutsche Bahn".

Presentation of train types

Transportation of velomobiles with the Deutsche Bahn

Pictures of velomobile transport in trains

Description of the waggons

Some waggons of the "Deutsche Bahn", the train company in Germany, will be presented here. The list below
 should be an orientation for velomobile riders to see which types of waggons they can use with a velomobile. The sketch of the waggon can be scaled up when selected. There is no guarantee for the informations on this site! Each half a year, the time table are changed and the conditions of velomobile transportation may be changed as well. 

Luggage van / Baggage car

This was the beginning: a bicycle waggon out of an old luggage van. There is a lot of space in it, and the clear distance is
 wide enough. This type of waggon will be replaced soon.


8 places für bicycles, clear distance of the door is 64 cm, single door, straight entrance, no further compartment door.

IR driving cab vehicle

10 places for bicycles

Intercity-driving cab vehicle, summer version

with bicycle compartment. 4 places for bicycles at the control room, at summer time sometimes 12 further places instead of seating benches. Ca. 88 cm wide clearance, no additional internal door, no keine Innentür, no things built in. Sometimes used in IR´s.

Intercity-driving cab vehicle, winter version

IC-saloon coach

with 16 places for bicycles


Diesel-motor coach 628

mostly used as a RB ("Regionalbahn") or SE ("Stadt-Express"). Multi use compartment at one or both ends of the train. Wide entrance door with 80 cm clearance, but reduced by the door by 73 cm effectively.


Half-baggage waggon in a Intercity

Not in use any more.

Doubledeck waggon

They are used in S-Bahn, RB and RE. A lot of space for bicycles besides the entrance. Low entrance level and wide  doors. 118 cm door clearance, sometimes 113 cm. Two metal tube bows at both sides limit the clearance to 93 cm. In  most cases no bicycle parking arrangement. Large muli-use compartment with folding seat. At some constructions, in the midth of the compartment, bars hinder a little bit.

Suburban waggon

Suburban waggons with multi-use compartment (often RB or RE). Narrow entrance clearance of 64 cm, reduced by the door opening mechanism to approx. 60 cm.

These suburban waggons sometimes have a multi-use compartment in the driving unit of a rail motor set. A double door  with metal tube in the center limits the clearance to 61 cm. Some constructions with a single door have a clearance of 64 cm. Often, there is a large multi-use compartment, that has a length of 10 seats and a dimension of 520x215 cm.

ICE with tilting technique (ICE-T)

Multi use compartment at one end of the trains. No details available.

Bicycle transport at the "Deutsche Bahn":

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The "Deutsche Bahn" informs on the homepage ( 23.4.2001)

For the following types of bicycles, different rules are valid:

  • For a bicycle trailer, an additional bicycle ticket is necessary.
  • For Tandems, recumbents and tricycles as well as for bicycles with motor assist, two bicycles are necessary. Please note, that special bicycle constructions are not allowed in long distance coaches because of capacity reasons.
  • Collapsible bicycles and bicycles that are set apart can be transported as hand luggage, if they are completely    packaged. They must be placeable in a luggage rack.

Because these rules can solve problems in trains, it may be a good idea to have a copy of the original site of the "Deutsche Bahn AG" as a print.

The "Deutsche Bahn AG" gives some further information:

Bicycle transportation in far distance coaches:

The "Interregio" coach:

Bicycle transportation in suburban coaches:

On the Site of the "Deutsche Bahn", you can get further information about:

  • Contact point for Ansprechpartner für regionalen Nahverkehr
  • Useful information about bicycle trips
  • Informations about bicycle transport in trains in abroad
  • Travel organisations
  • Bicycle transportation as luggage

Further information (external sources):

"Bahn und bike": a information site of the German magazin "Radwelt" (in German language):

Tandem pages: very good site, some information on this page is from there: thanks to Dirk Bettge!


Pictures from velomobile transport in trains

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Aeolos in a "Interregio" of the "Deutsche Bahn". The velomobile is hanging on a hook like a white whale...
Note: the bicycle beside is in its normal position! The velomobile just needs the place for one bicycle in this Interregio.

In this EC-waggon in the winter version, there was only little traffic. Therefore, Aeolos is on the ground floor.

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