Velomobile Tandems

“May I get in?” is a comment I often hear when riding a velomobile.

Velomobiles are mostly vehicles for one rider. Here, some exeptions are presented.

This is an Alleweder-Tandem, built by Reinhold Schwemmer. The Stoker is Ulla Eick.

This is the same vehicle viewed from the other side. The pictures were taken during the velomobile meeting in Biebertal, a small village close to Giessen in Germany (Oct. 2000).

Another interesting vehicle is the Perspirator. It is a vehicle from Finland. This is a picture of a trip around the Aland-Islands between Finland and Sweden:

The Twike could also be regarded as a velomobile. But it is very heavy, it is more or less an electric powered car.

The next one building a velomobile tandem will appear here on this site ...