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What is that, a ”velomobile”?

A velomobile is a muscle powered vehicle with an enclosed fairing, that protects from wind, cold whether and rain.
It is an ecologically desirable mean of transportation for everyday use.
Compared with a normal bicycle, the velomobile provides a higher security standard and offers the advantages of a reduced aerodynamic drag.

On this site, you get informations about velomobiles, their use and the potential those vehicles could have in future.


I would like to express my thanks to Jürgen Eick, with whome I share my interests in velomobiles (and common velomobile tours). Thanks also to Ymte Sijbrandij, Jack Dekker and Bart de Wiert, who were engaged in translating the page into netherlands. At the moment, not all informations are available in each language, but gradually, this will be done in the future.

The velomobile site was built by Joachim Fuchs, Morgenstr. 45, 76137 Karlsruhe

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The site was set up to build an informal platform for those who like to get informations about these vehicles. Please keep in mind that some product names mentioned here are protected by law, such as patents or brands.

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